Hello Neighborhood Hospital

Hello Neighborhood Hospital

“Do you take foreigners?”
“Do you have an NICU?”

I brought a friend with me to ask these questions one day after our regular toastmaster’s meeting. I feel like the lady at reception just looked at us and couldn’t believe the questions we were asking, especially about the NICU. After we got a yes to both questions we both laughed a bit at the woman’s reactions, but I said it is better to ask than to find out later that it isn’t like that.

One of the few things my sister, Jessica, asked me to do was to make sure my hospital has an NICU. So for the longest time I didn’t switch from the big hospital thinking that many smaller hospitals won’t have one. Many private clinics where foreigners choose to give birth here, don’t have one, so if there is an emergency the child would be moved to the larger hospital anyways.

Lobby of local hospital on the second floor.

I’m excited to be in a smaller hospital, there are less people and it is quieter. It also means when I go into labor I probably won’t be sharing a room with as many women as I thought. Hopefully it’s only 1 or 2 others.

A few people have recommended this smaller hospital to me based on their friends giving birth there and having good experiences.

So two Saturdays ago the same friend helped me register myself at the new hospital and scheduled a check up to see how I was doing. We met the doctor, and we got scheduled for a glucose test, heart test and ultrasound. We didn’t do it on the same day as we had to head to a toastmaster meeting so we came back on Sunday, and then again on Monday. My test results are out, but I won’t be collecting them until sometime next week when I have to go back for some test, I think it is the non-stress test.

We ran into a hiccup the other day at the hospital as I had made sure that my husband was registered at the hospital so when the baby is born, they will have a father on the certificate. Which for whatever reason when they wrote all the information it wasn’t in their computer system, so we took the paperwork back since it can cause big issues later. Dondrup said he went back to the large hospital and they registered it in their system and now it should show up in the small hospital’s system, so we can continue to go there instead of heading back to the large hospital.

**In the end, the is the hospital I gave birth in a few days after completeing the non-stress test.**

The doors to the NICU meeting point.

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