India 2004 Part 9


Today Tenzin and I went to the medical Institute museum, where we saw all the different types of herbs were used. What I thought was really interesting was that they used tiger’s eye, sapphire, gold, emerald, ruby, pearl and amethyst in their medcines as well.

The lower level they had a bunch of tapestries with depictions of what certain aspects of Tibetan medicine are about. So it was kind of cool. Tenzin ended up following a tour group, so Ghayla, her uncle and i ended up waiting outside for half an hour. But that is all right because she wants to study Tibetan medicine. The rest of the day Tenzin and I just hung around and did nothing. We did do a little shopping though. Tomorrow we have to start packing our things up. I really don’t want to leave though.

My mom also told me today that there was a block on her phone and that was why she has been unable to get through to the hotel. Well that is all for now. I will write more tomorrow.

I think Tibetan medicine is very interesting and I wish I had more interest at the time and went along to listen and explore more with Tenzin. After reading this post and realizing what photos I have used I realized I actually didn’t take many photos or any of the Tibetan Medicine Museum, how I wish memory cards were much bigger back then.

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