India 2004 Part 11


Today was our last day in Dharamsala. We started the morning by packing up our things, showering and eating breakfast. Then when we were done Tenzin, her uncle, I and Ghayla went to get incense for Tenzin’s mom because she asked that we get it. It took us an hour and a half to find the place then we had to go to the medical institute and get some medicine for Tenzin’s mom.

It was cold medicine. It looks like this. That is the actually size of the medicine you smash it to a powder and then pour it in a drink and swallow. When we were done we took a taxi back and stopped at the woodworking place to pick up yet another thing for Tenzin’s mom. When they left the taxi to get it, Tenzin knocked her drink over on the seat, so she had to sit on a newspaper all the way back up to the inn. When we got back we ate lunch and then we interviewed Dolkar and Dolma up on the roof.

In much the same way as we did the monk yesterday. While we were interviewing them the monks were shaving each others heads, it was kind of humorous. One of the monks even let Tenzin shave his head. They are pretty brave! Anyway when we were done, we went out and bought some cds that we are going to use for the final product of our video. I also bought some books about the Dalai Lama. I think he is an interesting man. Later on we went back out again and I bought this bag and I also  bought pillow covers, a little journal, a box that holds post its and I also bought this set of coasters with a fish on it. Some of these items are gifts others are for me. When we got back we finished packing.  Tenzin and I gave 400 rupees to the two girls, they told us to take it back. But we wouldn’t when we were leaving a lot of people helped us carry our stuff out. Were Namgyal Ghayla (the monk who showed us around) Dolkar, Dolma, Tashi and his friend. I was like woahh!! Lots of help!!! Well we said goodbye to everyone – I wish I had given them all a hug goodbye but I didn’t. When we were on the bus, we got down the road a little this guy on a motorcycle, stopped got on the bus to give someone  he knew a khata ( a scarf) for protection or as a blessing for a safe trip home. That reminded me even more that I am leaving and I won’t see any of these people ever again. It made me really sad, that I started to tear up. To me it felt like I was leaving family behind. At the inn, we were there for about ten days. And it is a small inn so you get to know people. The three monks that owned the inn were really friendly and one of them laughed a lot. Then there was the two girls we met, Dolkar and Dolma. Who we hung out with quite a bit the last few days we were there.

And then there was the other two ladies who worked in the kitchen, the cook (he was young) his wife, and their 7 month old baby (so cute!!!!) and there was also Tashi and the Tashi next door who danced really funny. Hahah. Anyway during Losar they shut down the restaurant so everybody sort of came and hung out there, sometimes the younger ones would dance late at night. There were movies, we watched the Chinese movie subbed in English. It was  a police movie, the two lead characters were really good looking. It was times like this where you felt like you were one big family. There were also the monks who lived on the floor above who we helped make khapsay with and then the new monks came in. They played a card game betting money (poker, I believe) during Losar. They also played creme board. So with the games and stuff it was fun to watch or be a part of. That is why I think it was kind of hard for me to say goodbye. Well we were on the bus for 12 hours, I ate pringles and cookies. But later on we made a pit stop at a restaurant so I was able to get food. Thankfully I started to feel better. Anyway while we were at the pit stop Tenzin said that one of the guys on our bus looked like Hisato or Yuusuke from FLAME, a Japanese pop group. I laughed from the side he did a little. Anyway this bus ride is going to be long, boring, and my butt is beginning to hurt from sitting on this seat. It is cramped and I can’t fall asleep really well. We should be in Delhi by morning. So I will end up writing more tomorrow.

“I also bought some books about the Dalai Lama. I think he is an interesting man. Later on we went back out again and I bought this bag and I also  bought pillow covers, a little journal, a box that holds post its and I also bought this set of coasters with a fish on it.”

Looking at this list I don’t remember who I gave gifts to, I gave away two tshirts that I got in Dharamsala which I loved but ended up too small for me as I gained weight. I also don’t know where the books went and I think that is a shame as well as  I’m curious which books I picked up at a time when I hated reading.

Looking back at this entry we made a lot of wonderful connections in those two very short weeks. Like before I wish my camera had more memory for photos together with others and I wish I had paid more attention to names and places so that I could recall them better.

I was really sad to leave Dharamsala and I have always said I want to go back and visit again someday by myself or with my Tibetan friends when they go. It has been 15 years and I haven’t been back yet. Maybe one day though.

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