Here is to Year 3!

Although it has only been 1 year and 5 months since I left America for China, the beginning of July will mark 1 year and 9 months since I left. Which means I will have completed 2 ESL teaching contracts here. I was approached about two weeks ago about renewing with my company and school and I decided to say, ‘Yes!’

My company really likes me and has a good image of me. Although I’m at the top of the pay scale and can’t go higher they got me a small bonus that will come through in September since I am renewing again. My schools are pretty good to me too. I really like my students and my coteachers are also nice. So although I could shop around and get better paying options, I decided to stay with the same company because I have good schools and I have a good working relationship with my company. I guess in this sense I am being a creature of habit.

I hope in the following year I explore the city of Chengdu a little more, I admit I have been quite lazy with that. I hope that I begin to learn some Chinese phrases that I can use confidently, and maybe even begin to read a little. I also hope that my Tibetan will continue to improve over the next year. I’d love to explore further out parts of China, but that may not happen as I am trying to save for a lot of things and those trips may need to wait for the future.

So here is to another year in China that starts officially July 1st and may it be an interesting journey~!

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  1. A Hugh Congrats are going right to you in China..No doubt they like your teaching ability, you are “aces”.. So. Many wonderful things have entered your life abroad, and especially Dondrup…❣️Just know one thing Nina, miles do not separate love.. And yes indeed you are loved and missed but as long as you have found your comfort zone, that alone is paramount..👍👍👍 stay well, ..
    Love you,
    Aunt Millie 🐾🌈

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