Happy 6th Blog Anniversary!

I’m actually about 7 days late as I originally registered my blog on January 1st, but my first post wasn’t until January 8th. So, somehow I have actually made a congratulatory post to myself for keeping this up after six years on the same day. Go me!

I won’t even look back at the original posts, but my writing has significantly improved since then, thankfully. I’ve also diverged a bit about what I decided to write in this blog. Originally it was to document what I was doing in South Korea to keep my friends and family informed. I wasn’t a very good blogger and might go months without updating the blog, which defeats the purpose of having one.

As I have transitioned from my late twenties into my early thirties the blog has grown with me and will continue to do so. I have poured my heart and soul out here in the Mocha Diaries and Finding Mocha posts. Talking about the thoughts I keep locked in my head or the emotions rolling around. In a sense, I have become my own therapist and soundboard. When I was a child I always had a diary and wrote often about my emotions, and I actually threw away all of those diaries. At first I regretted that, but now I realized I don’t need to cling to those negative emotions of the past as they would be extra weight holding me back.

In spite of that fleeting regret, I gained a new space to convey my feelings: this blog. I was always a private person and this is a space where I can share openly without hiding shreds of myself. I still have a journal I use occasionally made of pen and paper. It is actually one of my goals this year to utilize it more in my day to day life for future reflection. I’m glad I have this blog to share my thoughts about my emotions, my life, what I am doing, and even my shitty attempts at poetry. I used to love writing poems in middle school and high school, but I never shared them. Writing has always been my outlet and I hope I can become a better writer through this blog.

Back to the original audience of my blog. Keeping my friends and family back home as my audience in mind has not changed once over the year. The demographic has diversified as I have made friends in various places and they can also tune in. If you happen to be a stranger and drop by, I hope you find something enjoyable to read, though I must admit I am not the best at replying to comments at times. This brings me to my next point…what direction is the blog heading in?

Although the blog has shifted focus from my life in Korea to my current life now as an expat in China, there are some other areas I want to focus on. I want to continue with my Mocha Diaries when my emotions need some free flowing space. I want to continue to document my attempts at learning Tibetan and eventually Chinese, I’m very slow on learning the latter. And as my life transitions I want to eventually include my future: my daily life, my favorite spots, side adventures, and maybe some terrible poetry along with my hopes and dreams. I’m not sure how the blog will change in the next 6 years, as I’ll be a year shy of 40, {HOLY SHIT <—– Let’s not think about that for now}. Thanks to everyone who has followed me and the blog on this adventure over the last six years!

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