33 Acts for Self-Love and Self-Care

To me working on self-love or loving myself has been an ongoing process for many many years. In fact it is still a work in progress which I am better at navigating as I am getting gracefully older or not, haha. A part of self-love is giving yourself self-care, especially in practices and routines that make you feel grounded in life. This year I have not put much effort into my self-care routine as I would have hoped for, so I think for my 33rd year on this beautiful planet I’d like to invest a little more time into that. Hopefully it will further the self-love I have been developing over these past few years.

I’m at a place in my life now where I need more self-love and self-care as I start to transition from my early thirties into my mid-thirties. My life is moving along in ways I have hoped for many moons, but in countless ways I still am far away from the other things I want in life and I need to keep myself grounded during this time I need to practice more self-love and self-care so that I can see the things I want in life will unfold, even though  it is during the timeline I had reluctantly anticipated for myself, I will try to graciously accept that this is my path it has taken, so embracing it is the best form of self-love I can offer myself at this moment.

1. Take a walk

2. Listen to music

3. Dance

4. Practice yoga

5. Take a hot shower

6. Read a book

7. Do prostations

8. Do a round of sun salutations

9. Recite mani prayers

10. Have a cup of coffee

11. Have a cup of tea

12. Draw a picture

13. Write in a journal

14. Buy some flowers

15. Cook a meal I love

16. Call or text a friend

17.  Make a gratitude list

18. Call home and talk with family

19. Do some art therapy

20. Write a blog entry

21. Take pictures

22. Snuggle with འ་སྒྲང

23. Study Tibetan

24. Take a nap

25. Light a candle

26. Get a massage

27. Have a glass of wine

28. Exercise for a few minutes

29. Bake some goodies

30. Donate time or money to a cause

31. Stay off social media if needed

32. Soak feet in a tub of hot water

33. Explore new hobbies

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