India 2004 Part 8


Today we went to the temple again to see if there was any dancing, except no one was there dancing, so we had tea with this guy, Tenzin’s uncle knew. They had the cutest little puppy. It was only 2 months old. It was white and was shaking because it had just had a bath.

After we left, we saw all these people coming back up this hill and we were like, “oh no!!” We missed the dancing. But when we arrived there was still a group of people dancing. So we videotaped them. After they were finished we went back and turned prayer wheels. We thought it would give us good karma, and help our luck. When we were back at the temple we heard singing, so we went up and saw these ladies dancing and singing. Tenzin eventually joined in, she did all right except towards the end she couldn’t keep up.

Well we went and did a little shopping today, actually Tenzin did most of the buying though. So that’s what we did. I called my parents today, and they were upset and angry. They had stayed up the whole night waiting for my call. Except I didn’t know that and I thought that they would be sleeping. I guess they were worried because we haven’t talked in like five days. So they tried calling the hostel for the past five days except they haven’t been able to get through, so they were beginning to get worried.

So I told them I would call around the same time tomorrow, so that they won’t worry so much. But I feel really bad that I upset my parents, it almost makes me want to cry. But I guess that’s how parents react when the oldest first leaves home for a long time and is far away. They are overprotective and worried because they love me. But sometimes I think they worry too much. But that is how they are and I can’t change that. So until I reach Delhi, I will try and call them everyday at around the same time so I don’t make them worry so much. Ahhh!! And here I thought everything was going well. I guess that you can’t guarantee that everything is going well in life, especially when you are half way across the world. So for now I think I am going to relax, maybe go shop and see if I can find gifts for everyone. Haha!! Well I only have 3 more days until I leave for Delhi by bus – which will stink, but not as much as taking a 25 hour plane ride.

Looking at this entry talking about keeping in touch with my parents while living overseas really hasn’t changed much. In fact, I’d say I am worse now. I’m thankful for the internet and apps that keep me connected but when it comes to keeping in touch I could do better.

Reading this entry reminded me that at some point Tenzin and I joked for many years after that she stole all my luck after we turned those prayer wheels.

One thing I wish I had done during this time was actually join Tenzin when everyone was dancing, although I believe someone had to record or take pictures and it made sense it was me. I think I’m normally shy in joining in group dances like this because I don’t know the dance. But how can I learn if I don’t try? So I hope in the future if another dancing opportunity occurs I am able to work up the courage to join in even if I can’t keep up.

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  1. I was worried when we didn’t hear from you for such a long time! 😜and yes you haven’t changed! That trip was the start of a very interesting life!

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