India 2004 Part 7


Today Tenzin, her uncle, Kunga, Pema, and I were going to go to the monks retreat but we decided not to go after a while. Because it was really far away. The path we took was really steep and had many rocks. So instead we decided to go to the waterfall. The path was really rocky and hard to climb, and I was kind of running up. Which was stupid because I end up slipping, but I regained my balance and  some Indian guy is like “Careful baby”  I was like “Ahhh!!!” But afterward sitting by the fall was so refreshing, especially with the spray of the water on  my face.

Earlier that day Tenzin and I played this game, creme board. I was really bad at it. I couldn’t hit anything. You flick the piece with your finger except I was hitting it really hard, so my finger really hurt after a while and I ended up getting a sun burn on the back of my neck.

Looking back I realize just how bad my writing was when I was in high school. My thoughts were completely disconnected and lacking detail of what the day was like. In some ways is that better since I was caught in the moment?

Over the years I am glad that my writing has improved slowly.  Now I wish  I remembered the names of places I went to and the people I met, maybe we could have stayed in touch over the years. I suppose that is a result of traveling before the internet was very connected around the world like it is today.

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