India 2004 Part 5


Today we went to the International Affairs Office to get my media pass. I was able to get one because they received the fax my mom sent. We then headed to the Norbulingka Institute. Which was a good 2-3 mile walk. Then we took a bus for 20-25 minutes. Except we missed our stop and had to walk back to it. At the institute there were many monks. The little ones were so cute. We went and saw the monastery with butter sculptures, tapestries, and deities. It was a very colorful place to visit.

Tenzin’s Uncle and the Monk who was our tour guide.

On the way back we wanted to find food so we took a bus for about 5-10 mins. Then we had to walk up this stone path for probably a mile or mile and a half. We then proceeded to keep walking to find food. We stopped at this tiny restaurant, I had chow mein. Afterward we went to the other part of the Norbulingka Institute. And saw a temple – I think that was beautifully decorated inside, and this is when our video camera died. Oops. Well when we were done we started walking up this path it actually ran through fields of flowers and little streams. It probably ran 2 to 3 miles.

We then stopped and got a drink. I threw water over my head because it was hot. We then kept walking and walked through a school and up a gravel path about another mile or so. And then we took a taxi back. So we spent most of the day walking. I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep. I also played some video games, I was winning for a while, but then I lost.

Sadly, I have a terrible memory as I forget the name of the Monk who was our guide and brought us over to the Norbulingka Institute. I don’t even remember what we saw or what we did during that day, but I do remember for some reason I did not write this entry the right way. We actually got lost on the way back from the Norbulingka Institute as the monk decided it would be a good idea to walk back to see more and somehow we ended up walking for quite a few hours. It was definitely a memorable experience and we had a few laughs about it.

To this day,  I still have my press pass and I have kept it at my parents house for safekeeping as it is one of the treasures I have kept from my travels. It reminds me that I was once lucky enough to have a media pass for Losar in Dharamsala. I’m not sure what the process is like now 15 years later, but I assume you still have to go through some of the same hurdles.

Posing in front of the Norbulingka Institute.

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