India 2004 Part 4

Kunga and Pema playing a game I don’t know the name of.


This morning Tenzin and I decided to do some laundry. The water was sooo cold, but that was because we lost power last night, because of a thunder storm. The power later came back on this morning. So we washed our clothes with soap and really cold water. It took us an hour and a half. Ha ha ha. And some of it didn’t finish drying. And my ankles hurt so much because I washed my clothes like this.

After we washed our clothes we went to this ladies house and she asked us to take pictures of her grandchildren and bring a bag of barley back to her daughter who is in America. She served us butter tea which was good. We then left with the two grandkids Kunga & Pema, who were our kids at the TCV. The walk was relaxing, but we had to climb a lot of stairs. So I was pretty exhausted when we arrived. They showed us the different rooms and where things were. We saw some kids getting new shoes for Losar.

The TCV playground


Watching the video we took together.

They then offered us some food. So they gave us some in nice bowls, I felt bad because we were the ones with the most food and nice bowls. The food was pretty good seeing as though little kids made it.

When we came back we rode a rickshaw, a three-wheeled vehicle, it was a fun, bumpy little ride. When we got back to the Inn, we went shopping and I bought some earrings for my mom. Around 4 p.m. Tenzin and I went up and helped the monks make Khapsay, it was fun. Tenzin got really creative and made some funky looking things. And the monks laughed when she told them I can’t cut things well with a knife. When we were done I went and called my mom about the fax. She said she sent it over yesterday morning so the office should have it. And she also said Tenzin’s mom called up the consulate and yelled at them for not having both our names on the document. So she said something from the consulate should be faxed over to the International Affairs Office tomorrow morning. Well Tenzin and I are planning to go to bed now, so good night.

Looking back at this entry, I realized how little I went into detail about my day and how much I was probably absorbing. It makes me wonder is it better to document and recall everything that has happened on trip? Or is it better to live in the moment and not worry about what will be remembered at the end of the day? I still haven’t quite found the answer to this question, but I think I still think I want to record everything so that I can remember places and names, and then the other part of me just tries to live in the moment and forgets to write anything down. I suppose I may always ask myself what is better until I am firmly standing at a decision.

This bike only had one pedal and it is one of the main scenes that I remember clearly from our trip even to this day as it had a profound impact on me and how I view the world. The students don’t have much in the ways of recreation toys when we went in 2004, but they still used a bike with one pedal and it was the most fun. Thinking of children back home they would complain if a toy was broken to be fixed instead of just using it and keep going. For me I took away from this, to always complain and getting something fixed, that is a privilege. Instead we should learn to appreciate what we have in life even if it breaks as if it is still useful, it is still worth being used. Their smiles were absolutely precious to me.

The other part of this was making Khapsay,a fried cookie?,which I was absolutely horrible at making. Honestly though I have no pictures of the whole experience when we went. I was so afraid of taking pictures, I took very few as my memory card was so small and very expensive so each picture was precious. If I had had the experience now I would have had over a few thousand photos from the same trip. I would be able to remember who I made Khapsay with and the process of how it was done, and I would be able to recall the smiles and laughter of the monks around us. I’m glad it is still faintly a memory and it is still a valuable trip in my life that has forever changed me. However, now I wish I had more to remember the whole process by. I also haven’t had Khapsay in a few years and I really miss it. If you have a chance you should try it!

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