TCM Check-up 2

Today I went in for my two week check-up with the TCM doctor. I told him I drank the tea everyday, and I always made sure my first glass in the morning was as soon as I woke up.  I found the tea to be very bitter at first and I really had a hard time drinking it.  He told me that the tea he gave me was not actually that bitter and that the red date (jujube) and licorice sweeten the tea up quite a bit.I laughed, because even though the tea became easier to drink it was still relatively bitter to me. He explained that because our diet normally doesn’t contain any bitter foods, anything that is even a little bitter seems very bitter to us. About 70 or 80 years ago westerners used to eat more bitter foods, but our diet has slowly changed. For example we used to eat more bitter lettuces, it has been breed to be sweeter. And interestingly root beer and cola used to be served at the soda fountain in a pharmacy because of their medicinal properties before they became sweetened and marketed for mass consumption.

I gave him my improvements, I was drinking less coffee. There are some days where I have not had any. I have been trying to cut back wheat to once or twice a day and no more than that. He said that the small changes I am making are perfect and that he still recommends that I try to cut out wheat completely for two weeks. I know for me this will be an impossibility, so I am going to try and have no wheat products at home and only at a restaurant if I eat out. This will limit my wheat consumption for the next two weeks.

He mentioned that he thinks I am the type of person who would benefit more and see more improvements if I cut out wheat. Not that I can’t eat it, but after two weeks I would really notice a difference in how I feel eating it. I said I would try my best to cut it out for the next two weeks, but I make no promises.

One thing I said was that I was more regular, and I noticed that I haven’t been feeling as tired in the last few days. I was fatigued the first few days between my period and trying to cut back coffee, so my energy levels were super low. But I am super happy to be more regular, and when I am not I know it is because I have not drank enough water. So I have to check my water intake.

For the next two weeks my job is to pay attention to how I feel after I eat food. Do I notice any bloating? Has the color of my tongue changed? How is my energy? Am I crashing after eating? (Did I eat too much? too fast? wrong food?) Tracking how I react after this will help to narrow down what my body doesn’t like that much. He told me until this point my digestion was so poor that my body couldn’t tell if it was good food or bad food that was making it unhappy.  Slowly as my digestion is repairing itself with the tea, my tastes will begin to change and I will notice how I feel after eating or drinking something more than before.

One of the big differences I noticed in the last two weeks was the curbing of my sweet tooth. Even though I normally have a lot of chocolate before and during my period, this time I only had it twice. And after having some chocolate, I was not impressed by it. It really didn’t taste the same or as satisfactory as it used to. I wonder if it is because of the bitter tasting tea? Adam said it can be as my system is changing slowly and eventually the tea that I think is bitter will in time taste sweet to me.

Some other things I’m going to try and work on in the next two weeks is rising with the sun more. Spring is the best time of year to fix my sleeping habits and it sets me up for having better energy levels through the day. I should also drink my tea and then do some light exercise in the morning before having breakfast as this will help my bowels along and is good for my health.

Adam said the change in my tongue and pulse was weak compared to what he expected and part of it may have to do with my continuing consumption of wheat. What he did notice was that my skin and eyes seemed brighter than before and that slowly my rosacea will get better in time as I heal from the inside out. This time my tea blend is a little different, he took away the red dates so that my tea was less sweet. If I really need it I can add one or two in when I am boiling it. But he really encouraged me to drink the tea without it as the licorice should be sweet enough. Adam said the bitterness is good for me because bitter is what helps clean the blood and helps with the liver and gallbladder functions. (I’m always learning something new, even though what I put here might not be 100% accurate as my memory isn’t perfect.)

So I’m armed with my new tea to drink during the next two weeks and I just need to keep making adjustments. One of the bonuses of the last two weeks is that I am down 2 or 3lbs it fluctuates day to day, but I know it is from the changes I have been making over the last three weeks. I am excited to see where this will go and how much my health will improve.

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  1. Well let me apologize in advance for the box in the mail…. chocolate 🍫… sorry. Bitter may work for me as well due to the gallbladder. Keep it up!

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