Traditional Chinese Medicine Part 2

My tea bags.

On Tuesday, I went for my follow-up appointment. I was a little worried before heading in that I did not do very well during this past week.

In the beginning of the week I was very conscious of chewing for 20-30 times with each bite, but as the week went on I noticed I didn’t chew as long as I should have. But, I was still chewing longer than I had before.

I also was pooping better during the first few days while I was paying attention to my chewing. I realized my being constipated again towards the end of the week could be due to a number of factors: I didn’t chew enough, not enough water, exercise, or PMS.

I used to think I always had coffee with breakfast and I realized during this past week, I normally have coffee on an empty stomach. I think that I am having it with some food, but that is normally my second or third cup. Adam had said that I shouldn’t have coffee on an empty stomach because it is hard on the digestive system. So I made some major improvements on that and it was actually an easy switch to eat something before I had my coffee.

Limiting my sugar and wheat were extra challenges, and I was not perfect. For sugar, I mostly reached for the dried fruit when I wanted something sweet. I did have a snickers and ice cream during the week, so I was not perfect but better than before. As for wheat I did eat it at some meals, like spaghetti, thukpa or momos. But I did reduce my consumption of wheat from bread and bakery treats. The one day I did have a bakery treat due to my laziness, I realized how acidic it tastes after eating. I discussed it with him and he said that it maybe the bread or the preservatives. Bread here is not high quality, so I should look into making break myself or buying from a high-end bakery that uses quality grains.

Adam told me that I did really well for the first week. Even with all the mistakes I made, he said you had the tea every day and that is the hardest part. I told him making the tea for me was the easiest part. He said that my pulse had changed since last week which is a good sign that my body is making changes. He said the tongue takes a lot longer to change in color.

I asked him about my constipation and water consumption and he asked if I was drinking cold water. I said normally when it is hot out I prefer cold water, but lately I knew I hadn’t been drinking enough. He laughed and said all westerners like cold water when it is hot, but it actually doesn’t quench our thirst. If you have a cup of hot water you will need to pee shortly after. If you drink cold water on a hot day, you could gulp down three glasses before you pee. I laughed and agreed that ice water never satisfies me.

He said many westerners when traveling find it strange that locals will have hot tea on a hot summer day. But, actually it is easier on out bodies to drink fluids closer to our bodies temperature. Cold drinks cause a lot of havoc on our digestive system and can lead to many health problems. Many overweight people are not just carrying fat, but also are retaining a lot of water due to our drink choices.

It was an interesting conversation and he encouraged me to find a tea I like. He said in the summer this will be very important and I won’t feel as hot or thirsty if I can find something I like to drink.

He told me a story about a bunch of westerners traveling in India and they were sitting in the shade drinking their iced beverages sweating in short-sleeved shirts and shorts. Meanwhile the locals were sitting in the hot sun sipping hot tea while wearing cotton turbans or cloths over their heads for protection from the sun seemingly content. He asked, “Who do you think has it right?”

I found out that I am strengthening my earth element. So my new tea formula is extra bitter, and I hate bitter things but I am drinking it twice a day. He also told me it has roasted hemp seeds in it, which are common in traditional medicine for their many health benefits. One of them is to ease digestion and constipation. Woohoo! So I will be taking this tea for the next two weeks while still working on the previous things from before. So far I am not constipated, yay! This is a first in my memory, haha.

Also it was interesting to know that Western cultures traditional medicine also had a similar system and believed in drinking warm beverages. Most of our diets have changed after world war 2 thanks to modernization. Our grandparents or great grandparents would have disapproved of a lot of our eating habits if they were around today!

I encourage you to try something new! You might just find a different medical knowledge system works better for you for certain things.

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    1. Raisins never worked for me, neither did prunes. I just thought I had a super slow digestion, so far it turns out that a lot of it is just my bad eating habits and what I am eating. The tea is helping move things along with the hemp seeds, but in general, I can’t tell you the last time I was this regular. So, I must be doing something right finally.

  1. Nina,
    OMG…What things we never even imagined was the reasons for some of (my) our medical problems.. I definitely am starting the regimen that was given to you as, I have a lot of the similarities..( and you charge ,what…🤔) I have a question, what is the name of the tea that was recommended? And the Jeep seeds?what are those? Oh, about my coffee..I will try to cut back, but 2 only, might be a bit of a challenge..🤬
    Anyway, so glad you went to a Chinese naturalist..Ya know Nina, I have always said, the Western medicine and Doctors are so far advanced then here in the states.👍.I am so glad that you are getting the expertise help that was never offered before ( me neither) ..Thank you for sharing…
    Keep up the good work, and I will for sure, starting tomorrow ,trying this new regime.!!! 😉
    Please stay well and safe..
    Love you, Aunt Millie 🌈🐾

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