Mocha Diaries: Focusing on My Health

Trying to find myself has meant a lot of soul-searching and exploring my thoughts and emotions. While I have been working on the mental side, my physical side was neglected. Our bodies are our temple and if they don’t function well neither do we. It has taken me a long time to realize I need to start prioritizing my health. I am young and in many ways, from an American perspective, I am healthy.

During the last 9 months I have been steadily losing weight in an up and down manner. I lost about 10 lbs before I came to China. Since arriving I have lost an additional 20 lbs. I had a lot of ups and downs in the process as well, but I am halfway to my goal. I knew my weight was becoming an issue because of the pain in my knees, hips and back I felt every morning. I haven’t had any injuries to require such pain, and it was getting harder and harder to lift myself out of bed without wincing in pain. I knew I had to do something so that my joints and my body could function better. Slowly as the weight fell off, my aches and pains began to diminish. I still have them, but they are nowhere near where they were. I was going to the gym, but my gym closed for the next 6 months for renovation. So, my progress has basically come to a halt. Luckily, I basically maintained my weight for the last 6 weeks or so, which to me is actually really good progress for myself. I fluctuated between 1-2 kg, but I went back down again to where I was, so I am super proud of this accomplishment. Now, I have bought some workout equipment for home, so I just need to get my ass back in gear to get a move on and I should make better progress towards my goal.

But weight loss isn’t my only goal. I had always wanted to try traditional medicine, which I never got a chance to in Korea (thanks laziness). So a friend recommended me to a traditional Chinese medicine doctor here in Chengdu. I decided to tackle my digestion, rosacea, and cold hands and feet. I will go into more details in a separate post, but I felt that at this point focusing on my body’s health is important in all aspects, not only weight loss but also in how it is functioning.

One of my biggest complaints has always been my back. For a long time I blamed my poor posture, boobs, and excess weight. As I have lost weight I still have had a very tight cramped back. So I decided I would try to get that fixed with a massage, little did I know it would also be the beginning of helping to fix my posture and turtle neck. I will also make a separate post about this.

And finally, I have a busy mind and I am always stiff. So once a week I have begun attending my friend’s yoga class. I never used to like yoga, but I thought let me try and see if I like this. It is a Hatha Yoga class with under 10 people. So it is a nice intimate size, to learn and feel relaxed. The first time I went I didn’t know what I was doing, but I found that my mind had relaxed quite a bit and my back felt better from the gentle yoga sequences. So I have decided this once a week yoga session is a good way to manage my stress and to help improve my flexibility.

I have been trying to do so many things at once to focus on all aspects of my health. I decided I am in my thirties and before I have kids I would like to be as healthy as I can manage before that happens. I have been meaning to take care of myself for years and now I finally have my head screwed on right to pursue my health. I am making sure all aspects of my health are taken care of. It is only just the beginning of April and I have already taken care of all of my dental work, happy teeth are a good thing! I went to the OBGYN got my annual Pap smear and a full STD panel done, because sexual and reproductive health is important. Now I have purchased workout equipment, signed up for 4-6 weeks of Traditional Chinese medicine, Yoga classes, and I am going to continue getting those massages for my spine over the next few months.

I was super proud of myself in the pursuit of all of this, but it was somewhat bad timing because my paycheck last month was fucked up, so I didn’t get most of my pay, which luckily I will be getting in two weeks! Woot! Woot! My lesson is invest in your health, but don’t try to take care of everything at once unless your rainy day fund is extra-large, haha. Live and learn I suppose. What are you doing to focus on your health in 2018?

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