Senior Project 2004 : Tibetan Life In Exile

My first encounter with traveling came back in 2004 when my friend Tenzin and I decided to do our senior project on Tibetan Life in Exile. It took a bit of convincing to get my parents to agree to send me to India, but it was the start of a life long love of travel.

When I first went to India, Tenzin and I bought similar travel journals to use to document our journey. I have kept my journal to this day and recently decided to read back through it since I don’t think I have read it since 2004.  Looking back, I was much better at documenting my travel experiences and what was going on day-to-day than I am today. I wish I had kept a journal of the places I visited and the cultural experiences I had while I was visiting other countries and during the 4 years I lived in South Korea.

Taken during our presentation.

So to celebrate my old ways of documenting my trip, I plan to type up my old journal entries with a few photos and upload them here. I hope that other people can enjoy my terribly boring first hand accounts of what I did 14 years ago while I was in India documenting Tibetan Life in Exile. It was a trip that has fond place in my heart and I hope one day Tenzin and I can go back and visit together again.


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