I’ve Got No Energy For You Now

When I was in middle school and high school I used to write a lot of poetry, not that it was great but I enjoyed expressing myself that way. Now I don’t do it, but maybe once or twice a year and it is a fleeting thing that normally gets thrown out and never sees the light of day. I’m not the best poet, I don’t really follow any rules, it’s just a way and format to express myself as feelings are rolling through me. So here is my first attempt at a poem in a while.

I’ve got no energy for you now

For the texts that don’t stop

The blasé bullshit I couldn’t care less about

To you it’s important to me it’s just like an annoying mosquito

Fluttering next to my fucking ear that won’t stop

I’ve got no energy for you now

For the lazy let’s talk soons

Or the catch up sessions we plan to do

Where I’ll just fade into the background as

I’m overwhelmed and overpowered by what you have to say

I’ve got no energy for you now

To send that text or make a phone call

To drive the distance to see you

I’m losing steam fast and there isn’t much left for anyone

I’ve got no energy for you now

See, I’m tired right now

I’m adjusting and fighting with myself

Figuring out if I should turn left or right

Or maybe just say who gives fuck since

Nothing ever goes right

I’ve got no energy for you now

Whatever was there is long gone

And is nowhere to be found

So, if you’re looking for the old me

The one who would drop everything

To text, to talk, to see you

That part of me has slowly died off

Adjusting and figuring out life

Is like an energy sucking leech

Where I’ve only got enough for myself

And none to spare for anyone else

See I’ve got no energy for you now

Because I already gave it to you

Since we first met, and it’s not going to come back

Because while giving that energy away I realized

I never got any of it back

So, I’ve got no energy for you now

I’ve got no energy for this shit now

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