USA Road Trip: Part 1

Posing in Cincinnati.

We’ve been on the road for 13 days at this point. In so many ways it feels like it been shorter or longer than that. My sister and I didn’t really set out with a clear goal for this trip except for visiting a few friends along the way.

The Mississippi River.

Our first day on the road was the longest drive at about 12 hours. It was an exhausting day, but luckily Jackie had friend’s in Cincinnati we were able to crash with for two nights. We walked about here and there, but for the most part it was a pretty relaxing time.

Democratic Social in Sherman, Texas.

Eventually, we blazed through Nashville and Memphis in one day. Luckily we stayed in a nice hotel thanks to Jackie’s points. Nashville was super busy thanks to the Country Music Festival, which I had no interest in. Looking back, I should have let Jackie spend more time there instead if trying to hurry along. We spent a night camping in Arkansas at an over priced campground. The sky was beautiful, but the price sucked for a primitive spot.

Camping at Palo Duro Canyon.

Next we moved onward to Sherman, Texas where my friend, Kristen, is from. Her mom was kind of enough to let us stay with her for the night! She invited us to a democratic social which was a blast and then we ate delicious food! I had to say her mom definitely is a superb host! Thank you so much Terri!

Street art in Santa Fe.

Moving on we decided to camp in the Palo Duro Canyon outside of Amarillo, Texas. The canyon was a very pretty mini version of the Grand Canyon. The heat during the day was too much to bear at times. I definitely enjoyed the cooler times of day, hiking or relaxing by the campfire. We even had a visitor our first night open our cooler and help themselves to lots of granola bars, marshmallows, graham crackers, and a bowl of muesli. Lesson learned if there are Raccoons food always stays in the car.

Meow Wolf in Santa Fe.

We headed over to Santa Fe, New Mexico for 2 nights. We were lucky to find a spot in the cheaper campground. Santa Fe was a lot of fun. We walked around and admired the artwork and architecture, ate delicious food and tried to get lost in Meow Wolf while discovering alternate dimensions. I also spent way too much money on beautiful jewelry.

We decided to head north into Colorado where we stopped at a small inn for the night in Salida. In the morning we packed up the car and headed up to Boulder. We’ve been staying the last few days here, mostly to give the car a break and to get it checked out. Luckily it’s been a nice mini break! We’ve been crashing at my friend’s place and I finally got to meet my cousin!

We’ll probably be heading out again on Tuesday to somewhere else in Colorado as we make our way to the west coast. Sadly, my money is dwindling fast, which makes me more of a financial burden on my sister. We should be home sometime in early July. Overall the trip that was originally supposed to be a month is more likely to be closer to 5-6 weeks. Longer than both of us expected, but it should make for entertaining sightseeing.

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