Beginning Stages of Our USA Road Trip

In late April my youngest sister, Jackie, asked me if I would be interested in accompanying her on a road trip around the USA. I said sure, why not?! We had to push it back since I am going with friends to Colorado the week before to hang out and visit a good friend who lives out there that I haven’t seen in 5 years.

I’ve been trying to work a little here and there for my Grampa to save up some extra money for our road trip across the USA. I may squeeze out $1000 total for the trip, which doesn’t have an end date. It’s pretty exciting planning for this trip even though we haven’t mapped out our route yet or decided exactly what we are going to see. My sister has friends she wants to visit in three states along the way, and I figure I can see a few of mine as well. It also gives us a chance to crash somewhere for the night where there is a clean shower and a chance to do laundry properly, though Jackie has a bag we can do laundry in. Can’t wait to see how it works, haha.

I’ve spent a little money in preparation for the trip. I needed some summer clothes so I bought a few things that I could wear while we are on the road, and I bought some food supplies. One of my sister’s goals for this road trip is to eat healthy. I haven’t ever really eaten healthily on the road so it will be an interesting challenge for us and will definitely help fix my bad eating habits. We will be making coffee in a coffee press to save money by not purchasing coffee everyday. I bought us nicer coffee instead of cheap coffee, as I would like to enjoy a nice cup of it on the road. A little indulgence never hurts anyone. I’ve also made up a trail mix bag and bought a few more, I’m trying to think of things that would be useful on the road.

Our toiletries are mostly sorted for the trip, and packing I will do last minute as it will need to be a mix of autumn and summer clothes. I plan on packing my thermals in case we stop at any of the National Parks up north where it will be colder than the rest of the areas. I figure layers will be our best friends on this trip to stay warm or cool and be ready for various climates. I need to make sure my bag is mostly packed this week so that when I come back from my vacation I only need to repack a few things for the road trip.

We are going to borrow all of our parents camping equipment so that we can camp most of the way to lower costs for the trip. There are supposedly places we can camp for free, so I’m hoping we can find quite a few of those as well! I think this trip will be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for us! The last road trip I went on was around Korea over 7 days and the driving was a lot easier than this will be. I’m excited to experience new places, revisit others, and even visit old friends I haven’t seen in a long time! So the countdown to our adventure begins!  15 days until we set off for our unknown road trip!

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