A Trip to Remember

Indeed it was a trip to remember. I should have titled it something more catchy as to where I went, but most people won’t have a clue or will be like isn’t that China? I’d like not to give power to a place that deserves rightful mention by the people the land actually belongs to. I went on a trip overland through the Tibetan province of Amdo and a little bit of its neighbor, Kham.  It’s been my dream to travel to Tibet firsthand, especially Lhasa. But the price tag of Lhasa makes that a trip for another time. So I decided instead to visit Amdo and Kham as in some parts it still retains a distinctive Tibetan feel.

Originally I thought I could do a post like a diary of what I did but then I realized that is just too much nonsense to read through for people. So I’m thinking of doing it more based on observations and maybe doing spin off posts that reflect my time during the trip. Absolutely breathtaking is how I’d describe the entirety of the trip. I’ve never been to a more beautiful place. After seeing it myself, I realized if there wasn’t so much construction due to the Chinese government’s plans it would be even more stunning. Which is such a shame because people really need to cherish the land, water, and air more. It is all we have at the end of the day.

My epic 13 day overland trip was filled with lots of driving  along bumpy roads , dirt roads, off-roading, and beautiful grasslands dotted with yaks. I wanted to write this differently, but I think I will just do different photo entries instead to document some of what I saw.  I’ve decided to divide my trip into scenery, housing, monasteries, and hospitality. As I feel those are the few things I can write a bit about dotted with beautiful pictures from my trip!

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  1. Nina,
    You have done a beautiful job in letting us also go along with you on your journey..Thank you. You are right, it is breathtaking, and so siren.Peaceful is another adjative I could use..I found the prayer wheels quite interesting, and how meditation is so prominent in their culture..I myself, meditate daily, so I can somewhat relate to the peace and quiet and the great rewards of true beliefs..I, can so understand why you would like to return to Tibet..So much to see, and much to learn about their culture..Yes! Nina, I too after reading and looking at your photos, how they managed to get from one side of the river to the other without dropping the flags or slipping themselves..But, again, the flags are prayer flags, are they not?, well…someone was with them all the time of their drapping the flags of faith..
    Anyway, you are a special individual, and you should be damn proud of yourself…(as I am sure your Mom and relatives are as well..oh! me too..oh, yes..you show your true colors and your talent every time you write..but more then that, you are a go getter..Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, and you have the good common sense to know when to put the breaks on..Smart !!!! Good phraseology, for sure.
    Well, Sweetie, I have to run for now, and I will tell you again, thank you for taking me with you on your vacation to “Tibet”. It was beautiful and what a learning experience all at the same time..So, until the next time, stay well, take care of yourself and I send love and hugs from my side of the world to you on your side. Have a wonderful Holiday, and just think it won’t be long until you are back home..👏
    Love ya,
    Aunt Millie

    1. Aww thanks Aunt Millie!

      I love you lots too! And I’m glad you enjoyed going along fort he journey 🙂 Enjoy the holidays~!

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