KIIP Level 5 Finished!


Obligatory studying picture.

Level 5 was a long seven weeks spent studying Korean every Sunday. This time class moved faster since we had to cover 50 chapters instead of 20 in less time. Albeit each chapter was only 4 pages long.

The worst part about class was definitely the length of it. This time class ended at 4:30 so it was a lot better than the other levels where we sometimes studied until 7:30 or 8 at night.  The best part of class was my classmates. We all came in every Sunday and greeted each other cheerfully. Some of us would bring snacks to share and munch away on as we listened to our lecture.

I’m really glad I decided to stay at the same location for all three of the classes. I was able to make good friends from different countries and learn more about their cultures. Together we all helped each other during class and asked each other to explain something we might not know. It was nice to have a support system while taking this class.

Compared to the other levels there was more information to digest.  Knowing that I bought my book early and began looking up vocab with a fellow student. I devoted a good month to reading my parts of the book and looking up vocab definitions and inputting them into a memrise deck. Funny thing is I never looked at that memrise deck again. Instead the week before class I ‘d read the chapters ahead of time and write words I didn’t know into my notebook. Which also never saw the light of day again.

On my way to my exam with my 1 liter coffee.

Part of me wishes I had devoted more time and effort to studying so I could have received higher grades in each level. Even reviewing my review sheet one or two times seemed to help, but really test taking comes down to one thing: follow your gut. For most of the test I followed my gut , but there were two questions I knew that I got wrong, because I didn’t trust myself. The easy one was about an economic group, which the answer should be OECD. But I picked G20. Why?  My brain thinking in Korean forgot the G20 is about climate change. Its fascinating how things like that work in our heads.

Surprisingly, the test wasn’t hard so much as it seemed like information that was stressed as unimportant when we were studying. Gotta love how the things you don’ t study always appear on tests. Finally, after a week of waiting I found out I passed with a 78. I find that score quite entertaining for two reasons. One, a classmate said they knew that I’d get an 80 and two, I never knew I was such a consistent person when it came to studying laziness. Level 3 – 79, Level 4 -77, and Level 5 -78. I’m a consistent high seventies language student when I’m lazy. I guess that certainly pays off!

Celebrating with my Korean class friends. They are from Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

This class is not for the light-hearted or those who like their free time. I had a great experience with this program and am so thankful that I decided to take it thanks to my friend, Kristen. This course is a great way to transcend language and culture lines through the language of the land. I’ve met some amazing new friends that I never would have met if it weren’t for this course! Best of all is that now its finally over and I have my Sundays back. I’m not sure what I will do with all this extra free time now. But I’m sure I will put it to good use.^^

My Level 4 Certificate. Still waiting to pick up my Level 5 one.^^

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      | | | Congrats…See what long hours ,sweat and hair pulling does for you…Great score, so proud of you, and you are an inspiration to many. Stop beating yourself up, reach for the stars and your cosmic energy will always carry you through any difficult situation.. Hope this finds you well, take care of yourself and stay safe..And as always I send love and hugs to you on your side of the world from me on my side.Love, Aunt Millie |

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  1. Wow I admire you!!
    I just started level 5 and I have no idea how to prepare for this exam. My teacher is a first timer and she clearly has no idea what she is doing! Could you give me some helpful tips?

    1. Hey Lorryn!

      Thanks so much! If you were pretty comfortable in levels 3 and 4, level 5 should be okay. My suggestion is to read ahead of class. I read the entire book before level 5 started and then I’d read the 7 chapters a week that we’d cover again on Sunday so I felt like I understood the content. The biggest thing is vocabulary though! So if you feel you have a good grasp on that you should do fine! Good luck! 🙂

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I’m totally jealous. I’ve just started Level 5 for the fall intake and will have to work harder since my vocabulary is pretty bad. I do understand the concepts but I’m not that good at vocab recall and reuse. Plus, I really suck at the middle levels before the 5th.

    1. I can’t remember exactly. I know once the results were posted a printable certificate was available and a few months later they had the real ones available for us to pick up.

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