Travel Thailand – Koh Lanta

View from the pool of our hotel.

We spent a lot more time traveling to Koh Lanta via plane rides and taxi rides. I was super grateful that the hotel I had chosen was just as pretty as I thought it would be. The staff was superb, especially the woman who worked at the restaurant. The first day we didn’t do much other than grab a bite to eat. 


The next morning I awoke and saw that it was beginning to rain outside. Kristen wasn’t feeling very good so she decided to rest for a bit after breakfast. I decided I was gonna take my chances and make my way to the beach. While I was walking the skies just opened up and the rain started pouring down creating little rivers of muddy water down the street. The beach was overcast as the waves crashed on the shore, but nonetheless serene. Maybe I am too much of a beach person? I snapped a few photos and decided to try and get medicine for Kristen, but the pharmacy was still closed. I headed back for a bit and later on tried the pharmacy after lunch. I was in luck! She was just about to close after being open for less than two hours, because of the torrential rain. I thanked her for her help and hurried back to give the medicine to Kristen.


At this point she was in a lot of pain and decided she needed to go to the hospital. Lucky for us the staff offered to drive us if we didn’t mind waiting to be picked up on the way back. Right before we left the woman at the restaurant came running over with a cup of hot honey lemon salt water. She told Kristen to drink it all and it should help. Kristen was a bit teary eyed, I think the motherliness from the woman made her feel a bit better.


Flowers at the reception desk.

The hospital was rather small, but the doctor was very friendly. Kristen received some medicine and a shot in the ass to feel better. Lucky for me, I got to witness all of this. When we arrived back we were greeted by the same woman who said that she sent her brother out to go get Thai medicine that would do the job. I told her we would be back for dinner and she could give it to us then.  Kristen received her cup of Thai medicine that looked like mud water and tasted like dirt according to her. We all decided to go get a massage at the place that was recommended to us. They sold very cute souvenirs  and the jewelry was handmade by the owner.  We had a bit of a tiff between us as originally I wanted a cheaper price and was told off by it. However, I countered by saying at least the three of us can have a massage at the same time instead of one person having to wait an hour. That night whatever lived outside of this hotel was in mating mode and it was a loud fucker. I couldn’t wait it silenced itself so I could get some sleep.


My collection of seashells.


The next day we explored the beach and I collected some seashells to add to my collection. Though my two friends thought I was a bit odd for really enjoying it. What can I say, its a family thing.  We decided to go see Old Town on the other side of the island in the afternoon. We hired a driver and were able to explore the area for two hours. Just as we were leaving it began to rain again for a little bit.

Sunset at the beach.

On our last day, I woke up the troops to go see sunrise. After venturing out we came back and relaxed before our ride to the airport. It was certainly an exciting ride too. At first, I thought I was crazy when I saw something scamper away in front of my feet. I whispered, ” There is a hermit crab in here.” My friends are like, “Where?” I pointed under the seat. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later he resurfaced scaring the shit out of the Chinese lady sitting in front of us. One of the men captured it and threw it in their kids sand bucket.

Sunrise at the beach.

Thailand was awesome! The people, the scenery, the food was all fantastic! I can’t wait to go back and visit more! 9 days just wasn’t enough time to see or do everything!


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