English with the Boyz

Everybody that helped teach the 부평고 students at IFTC. What a great group of students and teachers!

I dare to say that last week was one  of the best weeks in Korea. It was also one of the most fun camps I have ever taught. Originally, I signed up not knowing what I was getting myself into teaching at an all boys high school camp. But, it turned out to be awesome!

English camp security check.
A little blurry, but we look tougher here.

We first had a glimpse of our students at immigration where we were able to interrogate them and check their bags.

“Why are you here?”

” Do you have any cigarettes? Alcohol? Bombs?”

“Do you like English?”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Listening to what they had to say was a lot of fun. And I give my fellow co-teachers credit for really getting into their roles as well. I think we did a great impersonation of immigration.

The boyz in my homeroom class. I really loved these guys.


The camp was pretty jam-packed with activities. I really enjoyed the olympic games, amazing race, and talent show. It was a lot of fun participating and enjoying time with the students.

My boys won 5th place.
During the Amazing Race. They had to ask my what my hobby was.
I was in charge of class 3 during the Amazing Race.

I was nearly exhausted and had a few epic failure moments, but hey that’s life. During the olympic games it would have to be when I dropped my tennis ball and had to do 5 push ups. I looked like a fish flopping out of water. I suck at push ups, but it was nice to hear my boys cheer me on and say I did a good job.


The IFTC's cat.
The IFTC’s cat.

Preparing for the talent show was a lot of fun.  Originally, we were going to dance to ‘Single Ladies,’ but the dance was a bit difficult. So we decided to let ‘Single Ladies,’ be our highlight. We created a medley and the students came up with most of the dance moves.

My funky ladies before performing.
My funky ladies before performing.



My ‘Funky Ladies’ did an amazing job!! It was a lot of fun and my thighs were on fire all weekend! Watching my class cross dress as women was hysterical and they did a great job performing. So did all of the other classes as well~!  It was such a blast watching all of the classes perform on stage.

I performed a solo part dancing.
I performed a solo part dancing.
We ended with a duet, "Marry You," by Burno Mars.
We ended with a duet, “Marry You,” by Burno Mars.

During the whole camp I was able to work with every class, but class 1. They all had their own special quirks about them  that I loved teaching them. Some classes were super quiet, others wanted vouchers, others were really fun and participated a lot. It was great to work with such a nice diverse group of individuals.

Everyone got up and danced at the end of the Talent Show.

Towards the end of the camp as a job well-done to our students we all decided to pitch in and by our homerooms pizza. The kids were really happy about it and it was a complete surprise for them!

Class 4 and Class 5 eating together.
Class 4 and Class 5 eating together.

As for my home room, I had a blast with them. They were a little quiet the first day with me, but they definitely showed their personalities as the days went on. I had a blast working with them and spending time eating our meals and snacks together. I loved how no one looked awake, while they were eating breakfast. It was really cute.  I was really sad to say goodbye to them during the closing ceremony. They are so cute and fun, that I’m really going to miss teaching them. It was a blast taking the subway back together  and just chatting the whole way. We have a meet up in two weeks and I’m really excited to see them.

I miss my boyz from this camp.

I’m really glad I was able to have this experience to work with high school boys. They were a blast and reminded me of how much I miss teaching older kids. Take care kiddos~!

View from the IFTC grounds. We had great weather.
The fabulous teachers who I worked with at the camp.
The fabulous teachers who I worked with at the camp.

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