Never-ending End of the Year Hweshik

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

Before 2014 ended all of the teachers at my school went to a hweshik((school dinner) out at Eulwangni Beach (을왕리해수욕장). I didn’t know until the day before that we were going, but I was happy to tag along. We were able to spend about 3 hours at the beach. As always I sat with the grade 3 teachers and they showed me all of the interesting and exciting foods I could try. As this was a seafood restaurant there were various types of seafood. I tried everything on the table, except the sea squirt. There is just something about this squishy orange thing that makes me not want to try it.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

I’m not a huge seafood person. But over the years I’ve learned to try things and I’ve grown to like some of them. This giant mussel is really meaty and delicious. You cut it up and put it in a soup.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

Then there was this blue thing. It was so deceiving. I thought well it looks super slimy I don’t really want to try that. But the teachers egged me on and said try it. They said that it was really delicious. So I took a piece and was surprised to find it to be crunchy. It was a sea cucumber. I’m not sure what color I expected the sea cucumber to be, but blue definitely isn’t what I pictured.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

The next new item on the list was the 개불 penis fish (spoon worm). I looked at it and thought I swear I know what this is. I don’t know if I want to eat it. What will it taste like? Well once again I was told to try it and that it was delicious. I looked at it and took a small piece; once again this was crunchy too.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

I didn’t try the sea-snail either as I heard they are rather dry and they just don’t look that appealing to eat. But who knows maybe in the future I will try it.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

After we finished lunch we were told we had an hour to do whatever before heading back to the bus. On our walk along the beach to find a café I saw a really cute doggy. Isn’t he cute in his sweater?

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

I wanted to unchain him and take him to play, but I figured whoever his owner was would be looking for him. I really love seeing puppies when I am out. They make me smile instantly. We had our coffees and headed back to the bus. I thought I could go home after and that would be awesome. Little did I know today was the day of the never ending hweshik. Next up the school bus stopped at a restaurant.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

We were having dinner as a school and tonight’s menu was 보쌈 (Bossam.) It was really delicious and I was happy to eat it. I thought this is awesome it’s going to be a short night. I had a cold so I was thinking of running away when the other teachers did.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

But, the drinkers at my table had other plans… see I made the mistake of letting it be known I can drink well early on in the year. This has made me part of the drinking end of the table ever since. I never get to leave early because of it. So off I went to the other side and the gym teacher asked where I was going. He’s like this is my last time at the school so you need to stay. So we drank there until about 8 or 9.

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

I truly believed that I was finally free as more teachers drifted away. But no, no, not our group. We were headed to round 3. A Japanese Izakaya that had really good ramen. The bowl was huge; the soup was spicy and delicious!

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.
A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

As we sat their drinking and eating, I began to fade. So about 11:30 or so we finally left the restaurant and were able to go home. It was a super long night, filled with good food and company.

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