Advice from Kids: Diet Solutions


Sometimes I wonder if I should use myself as an example in class. Whether its good or bad, it certainly proves to be interesting! Last fall when we were learning should and shouldn’t in fifth grade I tried to think of a way to make it interesting. So I made a little cartoon of myself on a diet and asked my students to tell me 5 things I should or shouldn’t do.

Some of the answers were outright hilarious. Some were strange and some students told me that I didn’t need to go on a diet. But it worked well, as all of students finished the written assignment. And now readers, I give you the pleasure of reading some of their answers.20141202_140534 20141202_140548 20141202_140207 20141202_130444 20141202_130420 20141202_130255 20141202_130349 20141202_130319 20141202_130200 20141202_130109

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