A Whirlwind Vacation

The last 10 days are like a blur to me. Which that in and of itself should tell me that the next time I go on vacation, I should take it easy. I traveled back home to Connecticut with my best friend from England, her boyfriend, and his old coworker. It was an interesting experience to be a tour guide for four and I can’t say that I will do that again. Live and learn as they say.

10504896_10102219707964332_7883376994126215216_o My doggy, Puddin.

The first day back for me was probably one of the best days of the trip as I was able to see almost all of my family and friends. My mom got married to her partner, Bruce. The weather was perfect and they looked super happy. I am so very happy for the two of them!



The family at mom and Bruce’s wedding.

I had a friend stop by from Massachusetts, a friend stop by on her way back to NYC, and my old coworker crew from when I worked at the bank. My best friend from back home also came by to see me. It’s a bit overwhelming to mingle and greet and chat with everyone. I felt like I needed to stay to talk to everyone and at the same time I needed to move on to the next person.  We ended the night roasting marshmallows and making smores.


My friend, Rachel, and her son, Givanni. He still doesn’t like to give kisses.

The rest of the 10 days went by extremely fast. Although we bopped around through different local towns like: Clinton, Madison, Guilford, New Haven, and Newington. We also went to Boston, Washington D.C., and New York City. For me the slower days were my favorite ones. However, being a tour guide I felt I needed to fit everything in to make it more interesting for the visitors. This left me with less family time and I regret that now.  So next time I will definitely be spending less time moving around and more time with the family and some friends.

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The madness of shoving 8 people into a car in Boston.

It was lots of fun though.

We did a lot of fun things and I’m glad everyone had a good time. I went

to D.C. with my mom and Bruce, which was great to spend quality time with them. I also was able to meet my niece for the first time, Gabrielle. She is such a cutie and a good baby. I met two of my friends’ children for the first time too. It’s an interesting experience to live on the other side of the world and visit home only to realize how much everyone has changed. You wonder if you have changed just as much.


Boat ride with my grampa.

I’m glad I also got to ride the boat with my grampa around Leete’s Island and the Thimble Islands. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep riding on a boat together with him, but it is one of my favorite things to do. There is something about the smell of salt water that soothes the soul. Visiting home made that extra clear to me. I need to live in a place that is a bit greener with some form of water nearby, even if it means a longer commute next year to my job.



Leete’s Island at sunrise.

There’s no reason to go into the nitty-gritty of the trip as I was lucky to be able to see almost everyone I wanted. I ate all the foods I had planned to eat. I was able to go on a boat ride and spend a night at the beach house. I was also able to spend time with family and though it was brief it made me appreciate my family more. I’m lucky to have them in my life. Sometimes living away from everyone else you forget that there are people waiting for you on the other side that miss you more than you think. I for one didn’t realize I missed bits and pieces until I went back to visit. So now I have resolved to communicate better with family back home.Thought I’m not yet off to a good start, I promise to get better.



This is a quilt my mom made for Kerri.

It was made with love.

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  1. We loved seeing you and also wish we had spent more time together, but that is the way of life. I enjoyed traveling around with you and your friends. We miss you as well and will always want to see more of you! Your friends were wonderful!
    Love you sweetheart!

  2. So sorry I missed seeing you, but Nina, by the looks of it, hell…I’d have to have been the”Thin Man” to have gotten squeezed in !! Glad you had the time of your life, and remember, your Family is Paramount, and seas,oceans or miles could never separate you..
    love, Aunt Millie

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