Oh my I’ve been MIA

Lately, I haven’t been as good about updating as I would like to be. I have many things to write about, and I plan to make a few posts about that in the near future. I have been busy with the application process for next year, more on that later, lesson planning to submit to the poe by friday, went to a wedding, and making a larger nontextbook related lesson to span a few classes. I will go into more details in future posts. But I figured I would let people back home know, I’m alive.


Oh and today is 빼빼로 day! For those back home 빼빼로 is similar to Japanese pocky. I don’t know all the details behind this silly day, but it has been pleasant receiving and sharing my 빼빼로.

2 thoughts on “Oh my I’ve been MIA

  1. Hi Nina,
    So glad to hear from you, and see you’re doing well..You look awsome, and most of all you look happy as a clam. I am doing great..I have a new house, which has been some what of a challange, but I love a challange, and I’m geting it together..Mom keeps an eye on me, and I appreciate all her concerns and Love You have one hell of a Mother, my dear..That’s a given !!
    Now, I will ask Barbara what this holiday is all about , as she is in takahama teaching. Well, my dear, i’ve got to run for now, and keep up that great attitude and supper smile of yours,,
    Love, Aunt Millie

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